Sculpting is hard. Any other way to make a drop?

Blender Asked by Akr on November 30, 2020

I wanted to make a drop of liquid (foundation) that is smooth and curvy.

enter image description here

I would prefer the liquid being outside the dropper like so:

enter image description here

I tried using sculpting which I’m quite new to and the result has been disastrous

enter image description here

Should I spend some more time learning sculpting or is there a better way to get the curvy, stretching liquid drop?

2 Answers

Start with your dropper object, and add a loop cut where you want your paint line to be.


Select the whole bottom (painted) section, right-click and choose "extrude faces along normals" to bring the sides out a little bit (to mimic paint thickness).


Bring down the bottom center of the dropper and scale it inwards to make a "point".


Extrude the center section a couple of times and then scale the center line to make a shape like this:


To make everything round, add a Subdivision Surface Modifier. You may need to add some supporting geometry (such as the highlighted loop cut) to control the roundness the way you like. Don't forget to right-click and shade smooth when you're done.


Finally, just assign the correct materials to the different sections.


Answered by Christopher Bennett on November 30, 2020

For still image ...

  • add Plane, delete all vertices, with Ctrl+click shape half of silhouette
  • add Screw modifier, Apply
  • adjust manually vertices to final shape
  • add Subsurf modifier
  • add Solidify modifier

enter image description here

Answered by vklidu on November 30, 2020

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