Is there a way to solve terminator artifacts?

Blender Asked on January 4, 2022

Has anyone found a way to fix the problem?
Increasing the subdivisions the artifacts remains, less visible because the polygons are smaller.
I have also attached Arnold image (Redshift is very similar) even with less subdivisions and more contrast that work better.

enter image description here

enter image description here

2 Answers

From blender 2.90, you can tweak this using the Object's Shadow Terminator Offset Shading property.

Shadow Terminator Effect

Answered by Sen Jacob on January 4, 2022

Terminator artifacts are a complicated topic of raytracing. From a technical point of view the normal of the face shows the way from the light source. Therefore the face is not illuminated by light and a shadow is cast at the right place. Even if it is technically expected behavior and does not mean a "bug" - from the user's point of view this is often not the desired effect of smooth shading.

enter image description here


Simple measures to work around the problem are:

  • More geometry through subdevision
  • or create the normals with a high resolution mesh and back to the low res mesh
  • large area lighting

Some render engines work around this problem in different ways. Requests for solution of this problem are in the bugtracker for a while now. current information can be found here.

Answered by J.Doe on January 4, 2022

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