I can't see my objects in Solid mode, but I can see them in Rendered Mode

Blender Asked by Nguyễn Đức Khoa on January 4, 2022

My object disappear in Solid Mode but when I turn to Rendered Mode they appear back but cannot select them.

Solid Mode
Render Mode

2 Answers

I have the same problem and still didn't figure it out. But when I go to the top panel "Modeling" I can see it normally. Doesn't solve the problem but atleast goes around it! :D cannot see anything modeling tab

Answered by Dog on January 4, 2022

When I open your file its not visible even in Render Mode. Really strange behaviour.

But if you are looking for solution - turn off and on your "OBJECT" collection (check mark on left side of Outliner editor).

enter image description here

Note: Do the same for "MAIN" collection, there are also hidden objects that should not be (like ceiling and totaly discoverable window object). Is not the blend file from some older blender version?

Answered by vklidu on January 4, 2022

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