How Can I Select A Single Edge Among Linked Duplicates?

Blender Asked by Jack Wattson on December 1, 2020

I duplicated a bunch of cubes to model buildings and I used the linked duplication method, Alt + D but when I tried to select an edge of a cube in Edit mode (while in Edge Selection Mode), it selects multiple edges at once.

It does not select all of the linked object edges but almost half of the same sided edge is selected. How can I select a single edge of a single object? Deselecting does not work.

One Answer

Actually I don't really know that in linked selection method is it even possible or not! But I can tell you another way to achieve what you want. You can use (shift+d) method to duplicate. Then select all the duplicates and join them as a single object with (ctrl+ J). You can also move them individually in edit mode. But you can't move them separately in object mode, they are all now one single object. Hope that helps.

Answered by Roufir Hasan on December 1, 2020

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