Create rings for ringed planet procedurally

Blender Asked by Daniel Ortega on November 29, 2020

Trying to create a ringed texture like the one in this image in a more procedural way using Blender nodes
enter image description here

I could achieve this with a color ramp, but I do not want to manually edit each ring but rather to create it in a more procedural manner

I decided to give a try to the wave texture and created in total 4 wave textures with different parameters of scale and then add them all together and got this:

enter image description here

However, given the level of detail (very fine rings) I want to give, there would be needed many nodes of wave texture and that would be very unelegant.

What would be the best approach to do something like that in Blender?

EDIT: this is the current node aproach (as I said, it is not elegant at all)
enter image description here

One Answer

One way to do something similar is to get the length from the object center and apply a noise (random) texture on it.

enter image description here

The first three nodes:

  • Get the length from object origin (center of the disk)
  • Calculate a sinus of the length (alternate from -1 to 1)
  • Map it in positive values to -1/1 to 0/1

The next three nodes are about to add randomness and control over it:

  • Rgb curve to distort the mapping
  • Noise texture to get randomness
  • Color ramp to choose how the values are mapped

Correct answer by lemon on November 29, 2020

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