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Using vanitygen To generate addresses for different cryptocurrencies

I know how to use vanitygen but how do you determine the number that will correspond to the -X parameter for a different cryptocurrency? For example it is -X 30...

Asked on 11/19/2021 by rahulgarg12342

1 answer

The Mystery: I've mined some BTCs with Bitcoin Core 0.9.0, however the system no longer synchronizes and in the blockchain the balance is zero

I got some BTCs using a Bitcoin Core 9 version beta, from August to December 2019, they are listed in my history as "generated" and with several confirmations with one,...

Asked on 11/15/2021 by DG-Br

1 answer

How to know Block height when a transaction entered Mempool?

I'm hosting a Listening Bitcoin Node in Capital of Pakistan. I want to know the Block height when Transaction entered the mempool. Right now I'm using the time from the...

Asked on 11/13/2021

1 answer

Do bitcoin miners calculate the hash value of current block or next block?

I'm new in bitcoin and my question seems be stupid. I appreciate your help.Miners calculates blockhash as picking a proper nonce.And he is awarded.To calculate block hash,...

Asked on 11/11/2021 by btc_beginner

2 answer

C-lightning lightningd crashing

To run a lightning node I followed the instructions here: except that I downloaded and installed bitcoind and lightningd from source and not in a docker....

Asked on 11/11/2021 by user76194

1 answer

Consistenly getting Block magic mismatch error?

I have bitcoind running (0.18) in my ubuntu machine and it keeps shutting down due after getting this error: ERROR: ReadRawBlockFromDisk: Block magic mismatch for CDiskBlockPos(nFile=0, nPos=68821043): 00040000 versus expected...

Asked on 11/08/2021 by ooomid

1 answer

Why isn't my PSBT considered complete after walletprocesspsbt and finalizepsbt?

I created a transaction using createrawtransaction spending a UTXO that I own the keys to and then converted it to PSBT using converttopsbt, then I used walletprocesspsbt and finalizepsbt. After...

Asked on 11/08/2021

1 answer

Was bitcoin the first to use SEED phrase for recovering account?

I am trying to recall/determine if the coins I had on a USB stick was indeed bitcoins or not. I sold an Item a long time ago (Either 2006ish...

Asked on 11/08/2021 by Jimmy Yu

2 answer

What does this variable R mean

What does this variable R mean if it is the same in transaction signatures, and can I find S Z from the transaction I want an explanation or someone helps...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by hisham yem

1 answer

Any idea why Bitcoin Core signature is untrusted?

It's suppose to be a trusted signature, right?. I'm downloading Bitcoin Core from bitcoin.orggpg --import laanwj-releases.ascgpg: key 90C8019E36C2E964: 51 firmas no comprobadas por falta de clavesgpg: clave 90C8019E36C2E964: "Wladimir...

Asked on 10/24/2021 by Dennis Concepción Martín

1 answer

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