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How to combine multiple files into one file?

I have multiple files (n=86000) with one column each and I want to combine them all into one file with 86000 columns. I tried the following commandPaste *.txt >...

Asked on 07/30/2020

1 answer

Economist article on coronavirus

I am wondering about an article in the Economist here: is a graph there The explanation...

Asked on 07/29/2020 by onyourmark

2 answer

Simulating 3' end tag-based scRNA-seq reads

Are there any tools that will simulate 3' end tag-based single-cell RNA-seq reads? For example, Drop-seq, 10X Chromium, CEL-seq? There are tools that simulate scRNA-seq gene count data (e.g. ...

Asked on 07/26/2020 by merv

0 answer

RNAseq biological replicates not clustering in PCA plots

I have RNAseq data from 4 samples with 3 biological replicates per sample. I am currently trying to do the differential expression analysis with DESeq2 but the biological replicates will...

Asked on 07/26/2020 by nmp116

2 answer

Which sequence alignment tools support codon alignment?

Sometimes it useful to perform a nucleotide protein coding gene sequence alignment based on codons, not on individual nucleotides. For example for further codon model analysis it is important to...

Asked on 07/25/2020 by Iakov Davydov

3 answer

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