How big is the TP400-D6 turboprop installed on the A400M?

Aviation Asked by clentinbon on August 19, 2020

I am trying to re-create the A400M TP400-D6 engine in CAD, mainly the nacelle and propeller, yet I can’t find any detailed dimensions for it.

Europrop TP400-D6 installed onto an Airbus A400M

Europrop specifies a 0.92m diameter for the TP400-D6, so I assume the nacelle used on the A400M is roughly 2 meters tall and 1.5 meters wide – is this a reasonable estimate? Or even better, where can I find more information on the actual size of the A400M nacelle so I can accurately model it in CAD?

Thanks a lot.

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According to the MTU Aero Engines technical data of the TP400-D6:

Propeller diameter: 209.8 in


That is a propeller diameter of 5.33m. I also could not find more details about the nacelles, but one can estimate the size from a photograph. I used this image from, which shows the aircraft from the front. With the known propeller diameter, I estimate the nacelle to be about 1.2m wide and about 1.85m high:

A400M engine

I don't think it is possible to derive more precise numbers due to the inaccuracies resulting from the perspective.

Answered by Bianfable on August 19, 2020

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