Ubuntu 20 Realtek audio combo jack external mic not being detected

Ask Ubuntu Asked by RahulCastro on August 26, 2020

Hai I have realtek audio device and combojack on my laptop. No matter what I do it is not detecting microphones plugged into through the combojack. It keeps using the internal mic of the laptop. I even tried using a trrs connector and then plugging in a lavaliar mic along with a mic-less headphone.
In Pavucontrol it does not show the mic as an input device. Please help. I am having to switch to windows everytime i need to record audio.

One Answer

I've been having the same issue for a few weeks and I found that the problem was that I had selected the wrong mode / audio profile. I use XUbuntu, but this should apply to vanilla Ubuntu. The correct profile is Analogue Stereo Duplex. In my case, the wrong one was Analogue Stereo Output which disables the inputs. I have the feeling I selected this by mistake once I plugged my laptop to an external monitor.

To fix it

  • Open a terminal and run pavucontrol.
  • Go to the Configuration tab.
  • Select the profile Analogue Stereo Duplex.

I hope this fixes the issue for you!

Answered by Augusto on August 26, 2020

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