Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64-bit installation freezes

Ask Ubuntu Asked by DBC_XL on November 30, 2020

Initially, my SMART check showed that HDD failure was imminent and therefore I should have it replaced. Therefore, I got a new 240GB WD SSD. The BIOS recognises it. I tried to install Ubuntu 20.04 x64 from a bootable USB drive but the installation freezes right after the purple screen which has options like "Try Ubuntu without installing", "Install Ubuntu" etc.
I had chosen the option "Install Ubuntu" option. However, even on that screen, none of the function keys works apart from F1. I am not getting more options from F6 either.
I have followed the other steps – like setting the option in BIOS to boot from the USB (setting higher priority for USB).
Would be glad if someone could help me out.

PC specs:
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.93 Ghz
RAM: 3GB (1GB + 2GB)
Integrated Intel HD graphics

Edit 1. I had also attempted to install Win10 x64 using a bootable USB. Same issue. Froze as soon as the logo with the rotating dots appeared.

Edit 2. The system check shows BIOHD-3 error "No bootable device found". Googled the error – mostly showed that the order of boot devices could have been changed. Hope, it’s correct for me -> 1. the new SSD 2. the bootable USB.
Please shed some light on this. You have been very helpful so far as a community, to someone new to this.

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