systemd update conflicts with upstart

Ask Ubuntu Asked by David Novák on December 7, 2020

On my Ubuntu Server 18.04 (originally installed as 14.04 and upgraded to 18.04 few months ago), systemd update has now been “kept back”.

I looked at it in aptitude and it says that dependencies are not satisfied:

  • systemd(upgrade, 237-3ubuntu10.29 -> 237-3ubuntu10.31) conflicts with upstart

I know Ubuntu used to use upstart but have no idea if my installation still uses it or if it’s safe to remove it. It’s a production server. I can have down time only during weekend. I would very much like to avoid breaking it by messing with the boot process.

What should I do and how?

One Answer

Solution was to simply remove package upstart.

If you encounter same situation, be sure to do following before removing upstart:

  1. check that upstart isn't actually used (you can check name of executable for init process)
  2. backup your system

Correct answer by David Novák on December 7, 2020

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