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Ask Ubuntu Asked by ricky aty on November 20, 2020

Today I downloaded the iso of microsoft office 2019 on the pc linux ubuntu 20.04 LTS and I did sudo apt install wine64 and I downloaded wine and then after I downloaded the playonthelinux application always from the terminal.
Ho fatto all the procedure but nothing I can not install office 2019 iso on linux ubuntu asks me for an error in code 0-1018 impossible to install office ?? why how do i properly uninstall the program on ubuntu ?.
Thanks and await answers.

2 Answers

You can actually install it and it runs, but with some glitches.

First off, use Wine 5.11 to install it. It will not install with any other version, including newer ones (at least from my experience). Then follow the exact instructions from this page:

Once installed and confirmed to run, you can then install newer wine versions and it will still run, with some glitches.

Glitches/bugs include:

  • Not being able to log into Microsoft accounts (not a problem if it's just for offline use).
  • Visual glitches/slowness, such as UI sections turning black momentarily until they are fully created and then appear.
  • Some read-only document files that load fine in a Windows-installed version of office won't load into the wine-installed version. You can load them into Softmaker Office/FreeOffice, WPS or LibreOffice and then re-save them as a writable file, and they will load just fine.
  • Some UI elements that should be anti-aliased aren't.
  • It does not exit cleanly, leaving a bunch of zombie exe processes running. You have to end/kill them manually after you're done using Office.

Answered by MikeF on November 20, 2020

According to WineHQ site, you can't really install MS Office 2019 using wine. The status is "Garbage".

Answered by Pilot6 on November 20, 2020

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