Installing Ubuntu on nvme drive in USB enclosure and then installing the drive in Laptop through nvme slot

Ask Ubuntu Asked by rrrubuntu on December 25, 2020

I have a laptop running Windows from its internal NVMe drive. I want to switch to Ubuntu, for which I have a separate NVMe drive. I’d like to put that new drive in USB enclosure, install Ubuntu on it and all the software I need, test the configuration and confirm it works for me. Once I’m happy, I’d take out that new NVME from USB enclosure and install it in my laptop’s M2 PCIe slot (replacing old NVMe that had Windows on it).

The question is, will that work? I’d expect it to, but then will Ubuntu take all the advantage of NVMe drive now placed in M2 PCIe slot? Will I need to do anything, so that it’s aware it’s an SSD/NVMe PCIe drive.

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