How to go back to default GCC version of Ubuntu 18.04?

Ask Ubuntu Asked on November 28, 2020

$ gcc --version
gcc (Ubuntu 10.1.0-2ubuntu1~18.04) 10.1.0

$ type -a gcc
gcc is /usr/bin/gcc

$ update-alternatives --query gcc
Name: gcc
Link: /usr/bin/gcc
 g++ /usr/bin/g++
Status: auto
Best: /usr/bin/gcc-10
Value: /usr/bin/gcc-10

Alternative: /usr/bin/gcc-10
Priority: 60
 g++ /usr/bin/g++-10

I don’t exactly remember what steps I followed to get to this version.

I want to uninstall the new gcc and have just the old one back.
Please help me to revert back to default version on Ubuntu 18.04.

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