How do I fix screen tearing in Ubuntu 20.04?

Ask Ubuntu Asked on August 9, 2020

I just got Linux a couple of days ago and I have not tried to game on it yet but in every video so far there has been a hole lot of tearing even when I move apps around scroll or any gesture really it has persisted.

I have a Dell G5 laptop, with a Intel core i5 8th gen processor, a Geforce GTX 1050 TI if that helps. most of the research led back to turning on the force full composition pipeline in nvidia x server settings but it says I have a prime display so it’s not available, but it says synchronizing: off which I assume is similar but I haven’t had any luck yet researching how to activate it.

So if anyone knows how to turn on the syncing setting, or if you know how to fix screen tearing in general please let me know, iv’e only had this for a few days so i’m still a noob at it, but thanks in advance.

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