How do I connect Scarlett Solo Audio Interface to Ubuntu for best results?

Ask Ubuntu Asked by katya sehgal on December 8, 2020

I use Ubuntu 16.04. As a long-time Ubuntu user, I would not like to switch to Windows for Audio Recording. Can you assist me? I am not getting optimal sound from my mic.

Scarlett Solo is an Audio Interface that does not provide drivers for Ubuntu. I have the Gen 3 Scarlett. I will now list how I have gone about connecting the Scarlett to Ubuntu. I am using the Reaper software. I hope this process will help other users like me. I was not able to find a one-stop source on the internet.

  1. I connected the Scarlett and found that PulseAudio reads it. However, I learned from here to use JACK instead.

    JACK default

  2. I made no changes in JACK settings.

  3. In Sound options → Input, I chose Digital Input.

    Digital Input in place of Analog

  4. In Sound options → Output, I chose Headphones.

    Headphones to listen to the sound

  5. Now, I went to the popular and useful channel of Reaper Mania on YouTube and learned that I must set the Device in Reaper to – Scarlett Solo.

  6. However, Reaper does not read this device. So I chose JACK as Device.

    JACK as Device

  7. But I got this error instead:


  8. I am able to record sound, though it does not sound to be of optimum quality. This issue mentioned here.

    Issue: Microphone recordings are distorted/contain static/are
    unbalanced (left channel).

  9. Where do I go from here? What’s the best way to get the best sound on Ubuntu? Is there a way to get the best sound without the drivers? Or do I have to go to Windows as this link implies?

Thank you for reading.

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