How could I mount a Asustor NAS (EXT4 Raid1) partition to uBuntu?

Ask Ubuntu Asked by Fong Ram on August 27, 2020

I was using an Asustor NAS (Rubbish NAS) which was dead. It was running a RAID 1 and the hard drives were in good health. I unplugged the disk and put it onto an external USB adapter and do a fdisk -l. I got the following result:

Device       Start         End     Sectors  Size Type

/dev/sdd1     2048      524287      522240  255M Linux filesystem

/dev/sdd2   524288     4718591     4194304    2G Linux RAID

/dev/sdd3  4718592     8912895     4194304    2G Linux RAID

/dev/sdd4  8912896 19532871679 19523958784  9.1T Linux RAID

I put in:
mkdir /media/mymount

Then I put in:
mount /dev/sdd4 /media/mymount/

However, the system replied:
mount: /media/rav: special device /dev/sdd3 does not exist.

I tried sdd1-sdd4 and they all gave me the same result.

What possibly is the problem?

Please help.

2 Answers

Thanks for your answer. I have also found that there are software you could install some software and then the partition could be mounted. By running the command below, the partition is accessible.

  • apt-get install mdadm
  • apt-get install lvm2
  • mdadm -Asf && vgchange -a

Answered by Fong Ram on August 27, 2020

Partitions are defined as RAID not as a proper filesystem. You can't directly mount them. You need to create a raid device first.

Try this how to:

Answered by matteo nunziati on August 27, 2020

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