Ethernet cable unplugged setting after suspend - Ubuntu 20.04

Ask Ubuntu Asked by Edgardo on November 29, 2020

Reference: Ubuntu 18.04 – Ethernet disconnected after suspend

When waking up from ‘suspend’, the wired Ethernet connection is not working.
In the Network section of Settings it says that the cable is unplugged.
I can manually turn it on with modprobe as described in several answers in the reference post:
sudo lshw -C network (To find the name of the driver. sky2 in my case.)
sudo modprobe -r sky2
sudo modprobe -i sky2

I then placed the full script of the Ubuntu 18.04 reference post inside /lib/systemd/system-sleep and made it executable, but it didn’t work in my case (I did change the driver name from r8169 to sky2).

Then I simplify the script to just this and it worked:
modprobe -r sky2
modprobe -i sky2

I would appreciate an expert opinion to know if the simplified script is good enough or if I should expect any bad secondary effect. Thanks!

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