Bangla subtitle(connected letter) problem in VLC and gnome-mplayer

Ask Ubuntu Asked by shantanu on December 5, 2020

I am trying to run a srt file written in unicode Bangla. I have changed the encoding settings to UTF-8 and select a Bangla unicode font in VLC subtitle settings.

I can see normal letter but not connected letters (i.e ক + ে = কে). Same thing is happening in gnome-mplayer.

Is any media player can render complex Bangla unicode in screen?

screenshot of latest VLC player

enter image description here

Note: I already installed Bangla Language/support package.

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Go to preference in VLC. Head over to Subtitles/OSD option. Set the font as Lohit Bengali(Like this).

VLC have some issue with .srt format try using .ass subtitle file. You can rename a .srt to .ass as well, or You can try mpv player

To install:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/mpv-tests
sudo apt update && sudo apt install mpv

To uninstall:

sudo apt remove mpv && sudo apt autoremove

Answered by Fazle Rabbi on December 5, 2020

you can use smplayer to solve bangla subtitle problem in ubuntu and other linux operating systems

  1. install smplayer and set it as a default player

  2. click right button of your mouse and go to smplayer's preferences

  3. Encoding: select UTF-8
  4. check Try to autodetect for this language and select Bengali(bn)
  5. Apply and Ok
  6. if subtitle is too small press Shift+T to enlarge, and Shift+R to make it small..

now everything ok....

thanks... Oronno BAU { search me in Google }

Answered by Sadequr Rahman Oronno BAU on December 5, 2020

To convert the subtitle to .ass format, use Aegisub for convert it.

sudo apt-get install aegisub

Answered by Amit Ghosh on December 5, 2020

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