Whats the correct way to reboot a Mac which is managed by Apple Remote Desktop?

Ask Different Asked on January 2, 2022

I have a headless 2012 Mac Mini running macOS Catalina which is managed with Apple Remote Desktop and ssh by my other MacBooks (running macOS Mojave).

The problem is that when I need to reboot the remote Mac Mini, after it boots I cannot log into it with Apple Remote Desktop or with ssh until I physically go over to the machine, attach a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and log into the main local admin account. Once I do this, I can then use Apple Remote Desktop and ssh, and the Mac Mini has Mac Server running as well to (supposedly) help keep it accessible on the network.

I want to be able to reboot the remote Mac Mini in such a way that it will start with ssh and Apple Remote Desktop available, so that I could at least login to its main local admin account via ARD for the admin user’s services to start.

Is there a way to do this? I could not find anything relevant on Google.

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