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Waterproof paint for rubber

I need a waterproof paint (preferably a spray) to draw on my rubber diving fins. It can't be petroleum based as it reacts with rubber. Most divers use permanent markers,...

Asked on 12/30/2021 by Islam A. Hassan

1 answer

Baby oil or glycerin for snow globe?

According to my online research glycerin is often used for snow globes. However, some mention that baby oil can also be used. Which one is preferable, and why?...

Asked on 12/25/2021 by user275517

1 answer

Is there a name for an orange, gray and white -style pattern?

I've heard somewhere that an orange, gray and white "style" has a specific name. I believe that it has "minimalism" in it, but I cannot recall. Here...

Asked on 12/09/2021 by Andrey Morozov

1 answer

What is the name of this drawing style?

I wonder what's the name of the style of drawing of the pictures shown below.I know it's some kind of digital painting, but if I want to draw characters...

Asked on 12/09/2021

2 answer

What kind of art style is this?

I'm currently trying to find a particular methodology with which I can texture the environments in a computer game (stay with me here!). I'm drawn to the clean, low-frequency detailing...

Asked on 12/09/2021

2 answer

Is there a name for this style and/or "subject matter" of art?

Is there a particular term for style of illustration found on Codenames: Pictures cards, and/or is there a term for the subject matter? Ideally I'd like a...

Asked on 12/09/2021

3 answer

What is the name of this black lines only oriental drawing style?

If I recall correctly from my art history lessons many years ago this drawing style should have a distinct name, but I can't remember. ...

Asked on 12/09/2021 by Cynicus Rex

1 answer

Precise microwave oven control

I use a microwave oven for a lot of crafting projects (heating, curing, and drying materials). This often needs to be very precise and controlled. I experiment with...

Asked on 11/24/2021

3 answer

What's the term for the opposite drawing style to hyperrealism?

I'm learning how to draw, and I'm trying to find the name of my favorite style so I can find more resources about it. The style is reasonably minimalistic, using...

Asked on 11/22/2021

6 answer

What art style does this black and white work represent?

My cousin makes this kind of black and white art. He doesn't have any education in art or doing paintings or drawings. He once told me he just sits and...

Asked on 11/22/2021 by NewbieWantsToMaster

3 answer

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