Is it safe to specialize in automatic weapons from the start?

Arqade Asked by Yasskier on November 28, 2020

In Atom RPG, similarly to Fallout 1/2 you have to spend points to advance skills in specific types of weapons. It is not hard to guess, that akin to “energy weapons” (or “big guns”) in Fallout, “automatic weapons” in Atom will be most powerful, but in “Fallout”, those types of weapons weren’t accessible until the mid-late part of the game. So is it safe to start spending points in this skill from the start and ignore all other weapon types?

I am currently barely few hours into the game (just “joined” the bandits in the abandoned factory) and the best weapon that I’ve found is rusty Nagant revolver for which I have barely 5 bullets. Which doesn’t matter, because I couldn’t hit the wide side of the barn from 2 meters, so instead I rely on good old kicks to the face that surprisingly have 99% chance to hit. How soon can I find even entry-level automatic weapon?

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I've only played it once because there's basically no endgame. You'll be done with the game before automatic weapons come into play. It has game mechanics and character creation similar to Fallout, but its world is lacking in locations and the random encounters are trite.

Equipment offerings are a little too sparse to put points into anything that doesn't help you cook, heal yourself, or wack people with shovels. All guns go to your companion who can actually hit with them.

Answered by Mazura on November 28, 2020

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