How to display gamemode in Minecraft multiplayer server?

Arqade Asked by Raptr on December 25, 2020

Is there any possible ways to display every players game mode on screen such as setdisplay function/command? This would be used so that server OP’s did not cheat to get resources that they want.

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There is a very simple way of doing it with a plugin. Make sure you are running Spigot and download the PAPI plugin. Then move it to your plugins folder and restart/start your server.

Once the plugin is loaded, type /papi ecloud download Player. Then reload using /papi reload and use the placeholder %player_gamemode% anywhere you want.

Answered by Khosraw Azizi on December 25, 2020

Create a dummy variable: /scoreboard objectives add gamemode dummy

In a repeating command block, set their score to 1 if they're in creative: /scoreboard players set @a[gamemode=creative] gamemode 1 (You'll need to /forceload the chunk the repeating command block is in.)

And add it to the sidebar: /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar gamemode

This will show in the sidebar whether someone has entered creative mode, even if they swap back to survival mode afterwards. To reset it, do /scoreboard players set PLAYERNAME gamemode 0, replacing PLAYERNAME with the name of the player.

Answered by Corsaka on December 25, 2020

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