How can I remove arrows stuck in a player?

Arqade Asked by ExpertCoder14 on November 29, 2020

When I am shot by an arrow in Minecraft, my avatar now has an arrow sticking out of me which hangs around for a while before disappearing. This is fine right now, but when I am trialing one of my redstone arrow traps, my MC avatar can look a little like this:

My body with arrows in it

Now I don’t care about this when in singleplayer, because they don’t block my vision when in 1st person. But I’m going to go into multiplayer soon, and having a bunch of arrows in my body will make me look hideous, and I’ll be the laughingstock of all my friends if they see my with all these arrows.

I’d like any solution, whether it involves commands or glitches, or some hidden hack that I didn’t know of, to get rid of these horrid arrows stuck in my body on my command, or better, to stop them from getting stuck on me in the first place!

Past trials

Could killing the arrow entities work?

/kill @e[type=arrow]

Could clearing my inventory work?

/clear @s arrow
/clear @s

3 Answers

it disappears after a while. you can die on purpose somehow and respawn, and the arrows will disappear when you will have respawned.

Answered by qwertyCTRL on November 29, 2020

Now this might sound stupid and strange but if you have a lava block with a respawn point right next to it you can die and respawn and the arrows will disappear

Answered by Robogob on November 29, 2020

You can't do anything about it actually and most players don't care you have arrows because it just shows a player fought you or you got attacked by a skeleton they will disappear after a bit and that's all you can do wait for it

Answered by Krishna Bear on November 29, 2020

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