What is the song that plays when Clovis indirectly orders the Purebloods (Jermiah, Nu) to board their Knighmares in Episode 1?

Anime & Manga Asked on December 2, 2021

In ep 1, starting from 6:10 minute mark, when Clovis says “its all in the performance”, a song that seem to be a duo of piano and violin plays and continues until beyond 7 minute mark while the Jeremiahs group board their Knightmares. I couldnt fidn it anywhere on youtube for some reason.

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Edit/update: I found the song what is identical to the one I was looking for. It's titled Out of the Ordinary. The one below is somewhat similar to this track, though. I found one that appears to be similar to the one I was looking for, it's called Cold Nobility, I suppose it might even be supposed to be the same song, despite some differences.

Answered by Ost monster on December 2, 2021

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