Update Lava Iris X1 Grand to Lollipop

Android Enthusiasts Asked by Vikas.Ghode on December 17, 2020

I have Lava Iris X1 Grand. When I first bought it, the update was available. I was not interested at that time. Now I feel it should be installed but it doesn’t work.

Anytime I click software update in About phone menu option, it doesn’t respond at all. I installed third party app but it says “No update available & your device is already updated”.

What to do then?

One Answer

even I was facing this issue, but some how got the solution by trial and error. The funny part is its very simple. I hope you have downloaded the update package form the link: once you have downloaded it, just rename it from "Update_KK to L_SD" to "", try the steps to update now.

Answered by shail on December 17, 2020

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