I accidentally uninstalled the kingroot app and I can't find a way to completely unroot now

Android Enthusiasts Asked by Kaitlyn Stirk on December 10, 2021

So all the sudden after having my phone rooted for a month, my phone freaked out and sent me a notification that said kingroot was “hurting” my phone. So I tried to click on it and apparently I hit the uninstall button in the notification and now I can’t completely unroot to reroot and fix this. I can’t just install another root and I’ve looked thru all of my files in the preinstalled “my files* app and there is nothing kingroot related if I understand correctly. Help pleeeaasee! Without root my battery is very bad and every stupid bloatware app autostarts.

2 Answers

just go to kingo root webiste and root again:

Answered by Saksham Goyal on December 10, 2021

Try installing it again and then removing root, but UNTICK the KEEP BACKUP checkbox.

Answered by user186081 on December 10, 2021

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