Connect a USB soundcard to an Android phone? And use it for videos?

Android Enthusiasts Asked on January 2, 2022

Is it possible to connect a USB soundcard to an Android phone, with an USB OTG cable?

OTG cable

… and then use this USB soundcards’s stereo input as audio when making a video with the phone?

7 Answers

Yes, it is (mostly) possible.

  1. You need to be connected via USB OTG (which you are) that your phone acts as a host and not as a peripheral device
  2. The audio interface / sound card must be class compliant (see also here)

Many (including some interfaces from RME, Focusrite, Behringer, M-Audio, ...) but not all audio interfaces are class compliant.

Many phones nowadays don't come with a headphone jack. Those USB adapters or USB headphones are in turn a small sound card.

Answered by holzkohlengrill on January 2, 2022

working with zoom h6 + samsung A6 + opencamera app . im getting some micro click from time to time though. gonna try with with other app and power the zoom externally.

Answered by mig on January 2, 2022

Yes it is possible. I'm doing this with several devices for amateur radio and video production with KineMaster Pro. For amateur radio, I use the DigiMaster MiniProSC connected via OTG cable to a Nexus 9 via OTG cable. I also do this with SignaLink usb connected the same way. Both of these devices have internal usb sound cards with audio in, audio out, and usb connection between android tablet and the radio.

For YouTube videos, I use KineMaster Pro with Zoom H2 and H4 as external microphone or line in. Both connected via USB to the Nexus 9, and both work perfectly!

I know this is an old thread, but when I saw the answer from the guy who says it doesn't work, I wanted to correct this out-of-date information, letting everyone who makes there way here via Google search of the correct answer!

Btw, it also works on Samsung galaxy s4 i9506. I've tested on Android 5, 6 and 7 successfully.


Answered by JW OH8GEJ on January 2, 2022

I use a Cambridge Audio DAC Magic XS with my Nexus 5 running Marshmallow and it works fine. I have also tried a Behringer 8 channel desk that has usb audio interface, and it seems to work as well.

Answered by kikermo on January 2, 2022

I haven't tried it yet but extreamsd's USB Audio Recorder PRO seems to do what you want. There is a demo version.

Answered by enjoliveur on January 2, 2022

Android DOES support USB sound cards over android 5.0, or, if you have a sony, the Z series (Z2 and up), they support it since 4.4. I use my phone with a cheap chinese device, but tried a Xonar U3, and a creative Play!. However I never tried the audio recording through these cards.

Answered by Daniel on January 2, 2022

No. Android doesn't support drivers for these types of devices. Its support for external devices is pretty limited to simple input devices, such as keyboards and mice, and storage devices, along with occasional special peripherals that your individual app would be designed to use. A PC sound card is way outside of its functionality.

Answered by TurboFool on January 2, 2022

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